Cancer Legal Resource Center 2016 Summer Webinar Series

July and August 2016: Free Webinars from the Cancer Legal Resource Center

Do you have questions about how a cancer diagnosis might affect you or someone you care about? Join CLRC’s webinars where speakers will discuss important legal issues that stem from a cancer diagnosis in four different webinars.

July 13, 2016: 5 Legal Tips for Recently Diagnosed Cancer Patients
2:00 PM PDT
Find out about the various legal issues that can stem from a cancer diagnosis, including employment law, insurance options, and disability insurance, and the laws that protect cancer patients.

July 27, 2016: 5 Legal Tips for Young Adult Cancer Patients
12:00 PM PDT
Learn about what types of protections are available to higher education students with cancer or students who are cancer survivors both during the application process and once the students have started college, graduate school, and beyond. Additionally, learn about ways for students or alumni with disabilities to manage or possibly discharge their student loans and applying for jobs with cancer history, etc.

August 10, 2016: 5 Legal Tips for Advanced Stage Cancer Patients
12:00 PM PDT
Join us and learn about advance planning, SSI/SSDI/compassionate allowances, etc, in addition to estate planning topics such as wills and trusts. We will talk about advance healthcare directives and tools you can use to make sure that your wishes regarding medical treatment are upheld, even when you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself.

August 24, 2016: 5 Tips for Caregivers of Cancer Patients
12:00 PM PDT
Find out what your rights are under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the federal law that provides caregivers with options for taking time off work, and learn about additional protections available under state law, and about other issues involving caregivers, such as SS survivor benefits, probate, advanced healthcare directives, etc.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. For questions about these webinars, please contact the CLRC at or call (213) 736-1100. The Cancer Legal Resource Center (CLRC) is a national program of the Disability Rights Legal Center. The CLRC provides free and confidential information and resources on cancer-related legal issues to cancer survivors, caregivers, healthcare professionals, employers, and others coping with cancer.  Visit for more information about cancer-related legal issues and services provided by the Cancer Legal Resource Center.


Cancer Survivorship: Empowering Cancer Survivors to Self-Advocate

Cancer Survivorship: Empowering Cancer Survivors to Self-Advocate through the use of Survivorship Care Plans

The Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum is hosting a webinar on June 9, 2016 at 11 am PDT.

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In honor of National Cancer Survivors Day, the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF) is hosting a webinar on Thursday, June 9th at 11 am PDT. Learn more about cancer survivorship care plans and how they can be effective tools for self-advocacy, empowerment and consistency in care. Join a community of cancer survivors and advocates as we discuss key recommendations on how to make the survivorship care plans more inclusive and culturally sensitive for Asian Americans and Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

The OTHER OPTION for Cancer Treatment: Clinical Trials

The Stanford Cancer Institute will hold its fifth annual Clinical Trials Awareness Week from April 18 – 22, 2016 in the Stanford Cancer Center Palo Alto. This event aims to foster awareness care among patients, caregivers and the community-at-large, about cancer clinical trials and how they advance cancer care.

Why are cancer clinical trials important? Clinical trials improve cancer survival rates, because they help progress new ways to detect cancer, reduce cancer risks and treat cancer with novel therapies. To make novel therapies more quickly available as a standard of care for patients, more people need to partake in clinical research. The American Cancer Society reports that “the 5-year relative survival rate for all cancers diagnosed in 2004 – 2010 was 68 percent, up from 49 percent in 1975 – 1977” (2015).

Why do we need to promote awareness? A poll from the Harris Interactive Survey in 2001 showed that 85 percent of cancer patient respondents “…were either unaware or unsure that participation in a clinical trial was an option at the time of diagnosis” (National Cancer Institute, 2016). The lack of awareness is evident in current trial enrollment rates, in which less than 5 percent of adult cancer patients participate in a clinical treatment trial (Meropol et al., 2015). Furthermore, enrollment rates at five National Cancer Institute–designated cancer centers revealed significantly lower percentages of racial/ethnic minority participation in treatment studies (Hawk et al., 2014). Diverse participation is essential for gaining knowledge on how cancer treatments work on different populations.

Stanford’s Cancer Clinical Trials Awareness Week will have an information desk and research poster exhibit display available throughout the week. This year’s program will feature oncology research talks by Stanford faculty members and Q&A research poster sessions with research staff. Participants will be eligible for a raffle prize drawing at the talks and giveaway item at the poster sessions. The Stanford Cancer Institute offers more than 250 clinical trials and can assist patients with finding trials at Stanford. For more details about the program, please visit online or call 650.498.7061.

2016 Hear My Voice: Metastatic Breast Cancer Outreach Program

Asian & Pacific Islander Voices Needed!

Living Beyond Breast Cancer is now accepting applications for the 2016 Hear My Voice: Metastatic Breast Cancer Outreach Program. The program provides tools and training to help those living with metastatic breast cancer make a difference in their physical and digital communities. Living Beyond Breast Cancer hopes to put together a diverse group of outreach volunteers and so they encourage people of all ages, ethnic and racial backgrounds, religions, income levels, sexual orientations, gender identities and physical abilities to apply. They are specifically looking for more Asian & Pacific Islander applicants!

This year’s training will be held April 8 -10, 2016 in conjunction with their Thriving Together: 2016 Conference on Metastatic Breast Cancer in Philadelphia, PA. Financial travel assistance will be provided to those accepted into the program!

If you or anyone you know may be interested in applying, please complete or pass along this online application by Friday February 12, 2016.