About Us

Filipino Community Cancer Collaborative (FCCC) was initiated in 2005 by the American Cancer Society, to empower the community and improve the health status of Filipinos through culturally responsive health interventions, education and outreach programs. FCCC aims to reach this mission within a network of organizations, health professionals, researchers and individual community members. We address cancer-related issues on a broad level, which includes healthy lifestyle choices that also impact other chronic diseases.

FCCC Accomplishments & What We Do

FCCC leverages on partnerships and community involvement to reach the goal of improving health outcomes in Filipinos. FCCC is not a 501(c)(3) organization, but a non-profit network that collaborates together to build and support the capacity of partners who are able to implement health programs and activities in San Francisco Bay Area.

What We Do

FCCC has implemented small community projects to understand Filipino health related needs and provide health education. Accomplishments include:

  • Conducting community grassroots assessment to understand Filipino preferences for learning about health and effective health promotion messages.
  • Developed cancer education materials on early detection cancer screenings (breast, cervical, colorectal).
  • Hosted breast and colorectal cancer screening education workshops.
  • Campaigned healthy lifestyle messages in the community as well as connected with the Asian-American/Filipino media.
  • Presented Filipino cancer health data to groups and stakeholders concerned with Filipino health.

FCCC works with community partnerships to research and deliver health interventions, education and outreach programs. We have also given support to organizations improving healthcare access and health outcomes.

Connecting with FCCC

FCCC wants to engage health advocates, community members, health professionals, researchers and organizations on health projects and activities that reduce the burden of cancer.  You can become involve with FCCC by contacting us through an online form.

To stay up to date with information, resources and activities relevant to Filipino health, consider joining FCCC’s electronic email list. Please visit our email list page and click on ‘join group’.